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  • What is Permanent Jewelry?
    Permanent jewelry is custom fit to your wrist, neck, ankle, finger, or waist. It is welded together instead of a clasp so it stays on forever (or for as long as you want it!). It is low-maintenance, comfortable, and stylish.
  • Can Permanent Jewelry be Removed?
    Yes, it can easily be removed with wire cutters. You can book a complimentary appointment to get it removed by us or you can cut it yourself at home. Please cut at the jump ring so that we can easily reattach it when you are ready, free of charge!
  • What if I want my jewelry shortened or moved?
    If you decide your permanent jewelry piece is too big or you would like it on a different body part, we offer one complimentary adjustment in size. Each adjustment after will have our $5 jump ring fee. Please note, we can only shorten pieces, we cannot add length.
  • What are the chains made of?
    All of our chains are 14k Gold FILLED or Sterling Silver. Our chains are all hypoallergenic, waterproof, and tarnish resistant. Please note; while our chains are all made to last, keep in mind they are still fine jewelry and you must care for them in order to prolong their lifespan. Regular cleaning, avoiding excessive exposure to salt and chlorine water, and polishing will help keep your pieces clean and shiny for many years.
  • I changed my mind, can I return my Permanent Jewelry?
    All Permanent Jewelry sales are final however, if you are absolutely sure you do not want to wear your Permanent Jewelry piece forever, we can add a clasp to your piece so that you have the flexibility of taking it on and off. Clasps are $5 to add.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    Yes, we are open by appointment only for the time being. Please book one appointment per person. Appointments will be booked back to back but feel free to have your entire party come in at the start of the first appointment.
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